Senior Java Developer

REF [Senior Java Developer] (CLOSED)

We are looking for a Java geek, ready to produce high quality software in a fast growing fintech start-up.

Required knowledge, technologies and tools

  • Spring, or similar Java application development stacks.
  • JPA.
  • Web services creation and consumption (mainly Hypermedia-Driven REST).
  • Relational databases (mainly PostgreSQL).
  • HTML5 + JavaScript + CSS (mainly AngularJS).
  • API design.
  • Full professional English proficiency. Spanish and Galician are our daily language at the office, but our tech partners are native English speakers 😉
  • It would be great if you had experience with

  • Agile approaches like Scrum.
  • Continuous Integration.
  • TDD.
  • Git.
  • Gradle.
  • Any open source project, with code we can read, or community.
  • How we expect you to be

  • A vocational programmer. Did you start coding at 16 and still enjoy it today?
  • A communicative person, no feared of asking straightforward questions.
  • A problem solver, detail oriented developer.
  • An autonomous self-learner professional, brave to make his/her own mistakes.
  • What are you going to do

    Your job will be to develop new web apps and APIs (not terrifying legacy code to maintain) using RESTful Services with Spring MVC and JPA. In addition, you will be responsible for implementing user interfaces (HTML design done by designers :-)) with HTML5 and Javascript. TDD is at the core of our development practices, so green is our favourite colour. We are also improving our development process with Scrum and CI. If you feel good when reading these terms, you probably will have fun with us.

    Where are we located

    SetPay is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain), 20 minutes away from downtown. Santiago is in a valley, famous as human heritage, technology and culture live naturally in the area. It is full of wonderful coffee shops, restaurants and museums. Close to mountains, forests and coastline, it results in a balanced work & leisure environment. Our offices, a sunny open loft, have easy parking slots, a gym (below) and a constant supply of soft drinks, caffeine and other beverages.

    Salary, benefits & commitments

  • Gross salary: 24.000 to 30.000 €, depending on how much we like your profile.
  • Stock options: 10% extra annual salary in stocks during 2 years.
  • Personal hardware budget, for a laptop of your choice.
  • Personal training budget, for books or attending conferences.
  • Telecommuting is possible 2-3 days every week.
  • Flexible timetable. Some of us have kids already, so we know how it works to conciliate job/life :)
  • I am interested, what’s next

    Please send us your resume (1 page pdf or Linkedin url), and a few lines about your interest in becoming a member of the Setpay team to: info at getsetpay dot com

    We will reply every email, asking you for a technical test in case you have been selected.

    But, if you want to really catch our attention… Find the code!

    We have set up a Hypermedia-Driven REST service for you:

  • We use HAL as hypermedia format. To know more about it, click on specification and how it works.

    To find the code, create a new resource of type applicant with your contact details.
    Hint: Follow HATEOAS principles.

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