Junior Entrepreneur in Residence

REF [Junior Entrepreneur in Residence]

We are looking for a vocational entrepreneur with a desire to learn by doing and working hard inside a startup.


Who we are?

SetPay is a company focused on innovative payment services. This is not about card readers, ecommerce or NFC chips. This is about helping our customers facilitate payments, grow their business, to have more time for their families and hobbies and kick some asses of bankers, of course 😉

Actually, the SetPay team is formed by 7 people. Most of them are developers but funny guys too. In addition, we have a group of collaborators in different areas. We like to brainstorm, model, create and sell new products and services that help our customers solve problems that are important to them.

We like open minded people. We are.

We like to work in a relaxed and collaborative environment. We regularly organize events in our office and invite people from the community to share knowledge (and beers) with us.

What do we do?

We are focused on developing and improving our SetPay Mobile POS (www.getsetpay.com), building new added value services upon it, and extending our technologies to meet the growing needs of our customers. Recently, we have launched and eCommerce payments gateway too. We currently provide our services to companies in Spain and portugal, but new countries will arrive soon.

We are currently working in a new fintech product that will change the rules in the banking industry.

Where are we?

SetPay is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain), 20 minutes away from downtown. Santiago is in a valley, famous as human heritage, technology and culture live naturally in the area. It is full of wonderful coffee shops, restaurants and museums. Close to mountains, forests and coastline, it results in a balanced work & leisure environment. Our offices, a sunny open loft, have easy parking slots, a gym (below) and a constant supply of soft drinks, caffeine and other beverages.

What the fuck is an Entrepreneur in Residence?

The name of “Entrepreneur in residence” is actually used to define the role of a serial entrepreneur that is hired by a Venture Capital to help to grow a company.  You could read about here and here.

But more and more companies and universities are creating jobs for Junior Entrepreneur in Residence to train the entrepreneurs of the future.


How we expect you to be

  • When you were a child you used to sell lemon soda in the door of your house.
  • Someone who likes to listen, learn, do and share.
  • Your goal for the future is being an entrepreneur and create your own startup.
  • High-performer, comfortable working 40-50 hrs per week
  • You already know that learning happens reading books but also doing things. Even more, you already know that try and fail are parts of that learning.
  • You think that closing sales is as important as understanding the needs of our customers.
  • You will be “the face” of our company with some of our clients. This is why being easy going is a key part of the position.

Required knowledge, technologies and tools

Your education and work experience matters little. The important thing is what you want to do from now, but we will gain time in your training if you have experience with:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Word processors
  • Smartphones 😉
  • Good level of English. Some of our partners are foreigners and you need to communicate with them in some processes.

It would be great if you had experience with

  • Sales
  • CRM
  • Analytic tools
  • Knowledge of Portuguese, Galician, Catalan or Basque
  • Financials
  • Issue management tools (Jira, Bugzilla, …)

What are you going to do

The chosen person will be responsible for the whole business line. This means a product and all related sales channels. The goal, as if of its own startup is concerned, is to define a strategy for growth and run in coordination with the rest of sales team and the product development team and, you know, “coffee is for closers only“. Most of the activity is based on commercial work: calls to customers, distributors, etc. testing of new sales channels and customer acquisition tasks. It will also be responsible for capturing the customer’s needs to create new functionality in the product. Periodically you will have to report to the founders of the company on the progress in your line of business

What are you going to learn

Business development is a fundamental part of any new business

Throughout the training period, we will hold workshops with members of the team and external ones. The aim is that you driving the various techniques and tools for business development that we know: business model canvas, read startup, management of CRM, Google analytics, etc. .

You’ll learn about agile methodologies of software development and how to work with a team of product.

In the early years of an startup finance is the key. Some people says that the startups are permanently “in round”, so it will be necessary you to learn how to handle “the cash”, perform financial projections and collaborate on the definition and search for both public and private funding.

And then…  what?

More and more companies are looking for different people to change their structures, but what we really would like is to help you in your next steps as an entrepreneur.

Salary, benefits & commitments

EiR is a role used by Startups from around the world to form profiles that may develop positions of responsibility within its structure, converting internal projects on new companies or future entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is nearer to a training than to a job. In any case, you’ll experiment with our resources and will help us to get customers. For that reason you will be compensate if our sales improve.

Gross salary:

  • Months 1-3: 150€/month + revenue share per results.
  • Months 4-6: 400€/month + revenue share per results.
  • > 6 months: we must talk about your next steps.

Flexible timetable. Some of us have kids already, so we know how it works to conciliate job/life. The nightlife is also hard 😉

I am interested, what’s next

Please send us your resume (1 page pdf or Linkedin url), and a few lines about your interest in becoming a member of the Setpay team to: info at getsetpay dot com

We will reply every email, asking you for a test in case you have been selected.


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