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SetPay, the only mobile POS 100% “made in Spain”

Setpay is a young company who bets on innovation and a different approach to communicate with customers. We don’t wear a suit and briefcase, we talk with our customers in an open and straightforward way. No tricks, neither ornaments. We aspire to become part of your day to day business life and grow because of word of mouth. There is a kind of war going on in the finance industry: traditional companies, big multinationals, and the newcomers. And you have to choose your side.

Why should you bet on Setpay? Because we are committed to:

  • Charging a fair amount: no extra costs, but neither unbelievable promotions. If you want to know more, please read about our commitments.
  • Being honest and transparent. Take a look to our fees and conditions and you will see there is no doubt.
  • Pushing hard to improve our quality of service, every single day, relentlessly.
David Pombar

David Pombar. CEO & frontman.

David, a frustrated 60s pilot and musician, his duties at Setpay couldn’t be different than to be in close touch with all our stakeholders. Our frontman, the troubleshooter. His hippy soul and ability to make our project fly are key to make this works. An expert about entrepreneurship with a track record in Iniciador Galicia or the StartupWeekend. Star Wars zealot, David commits to one of the most relevant Yoda’s lessons: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Xavier Martinez

Xavier Martínez. CFO. The negotiator.

To deal with banks and regulators is not an easy job, reserved to seasoned and relentless managers. Finance is a sector where everybody pay for the sins of the past, with plenty of regulation, small print and bureaucracy. Xavier, ex CFO at first division Celta de Vigo and, currently, part of the board of several companies, is our negotiator, our man in the shadows to make everything fits. (Moreover, gossips say he is able to get tickets for sold out games, he doesn’t confirm or deny).

Xoan Gonzalez

Xoan González. Chief engineer & CTO.

If David is the pilot, Xoan is the chief engineer. He is on charge of putting the engines on the go and greasing all the systems to make possible Setpay devices sail in turbulent waters. To highlight, his background as developer and project manager in some of the most relevant consultancies in Spain. Compulsive eater of “pipas”, staunch defender of Galician culture and open source, also a frustrated musician; Xoan is the director of our R&D orchestra. He develops code lines as staves to guarantee the Setpay rock&roll goes on. And the result sounds very well!

Javi Vazquez

Javi Vázquez. CCO, the best friend of our customers.

Green Party support and confessed Nutella addict, Javi is a seasoned entrepreneur who has done its bit for the launch of successfull software start-ups such as Igalia and Zentyal. His duties are to listen and understand our customers’ needs, to help them grow with Setpay. As a basketball player, he will try to outscore our competitors and, above all, to make our service the best reason for the word of mouth.


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