Payment gateway

An online payment gateway is a solution that allows your customers to make secure online purchases and debit cards through your store and web or mobile application. Offer your products online is almost essential today, in an increasingly global market and consumers want to make purchases comfortably from your computer, mobile or tablet.

There are different providers of these services: companies specializing in payment systems, banks, and even other payment service providers that add card payment as an added option to their propietarios.setpay_mail systems setpay_mail

The payment gateways must have maximum security, ensuring that a transaction without any risk for the buyer and seller is made. Furthermore, in an environment in which the user feel comfortable, because we are dealing with something as delicate as personal finance. The next important step is the speed with which the service provider must confirm the validity of the credit card consumer and the ease or complexity of security and anti-fraud systems you use. Once the purchase, the customer receives a confirmation via email normally, with all the details of the product, date of acquisition and normally approximate date of shipment of your order.


TPV online SetPay: all your virtual collections, the same manager

Our gateway online payment or virtual TPV, besides having common functions such solutions, offers extras that will make managing your business: The ability to display the payment form within your own site without removing the customer to another environment, the delegation of certifications and PCI security solution SetPay, the card tokenization, which allows recurring payments or installment payment buttons in a click. All this added to the benefits of physical POS SetPay that you can use in your shop, trade shows or events.

Another advantage of our services, are the conditions: 0 € high, 0 € Maintenance and 1.49% + € 0.19 per transaction; Without permanence, fine print and send your sales to the bank account you want.

The most flexible on the market and that you will ensure that you will not invest a euro before you start to have sales rates.

Finally, our technicians will give full support and will help in the implementation of your payment gateway. Consult the different integration options and plugins available.

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