A dataphone is a device enabled for a particular business to charge credit card to its customers through telephone network, IP via GSM, wifi …. These devices are usually provided by banks or boxes. The elements that make up this device are: a keyboard with which to mark the price of the transaction, a small printer with which to print a ticket to record the transaction, magnetic stripe reader, a chip and software to manage the Operations necessary for the sale and the protocol of actions.


Being devices that require a data connection, the first cost is a rent that we must pay. This rent varies depending on the type that we choose, as a rule, the wireless are the most expensive and entities often pass on the price dataphone with other costs. The second of the costs are sales commissions, for each sale made applies a rate that varies depending on what you have agreed with the bank. There may be charges for each transaction by your telephone company but if you have a flat call rate you will not have problems. These sales commissions are the method by which banks obtain their benefits by offering such services.

Pass from a dataphone to the mobile POS

One of the solutions to not depend on the somewhat obsolete services that banks offer you is to venture into the world of mobile POS. You can manage in a much more efficient way and taking advantage of new technologies without depending directly on a bank. When buying this tpv you will not have cost per rent, you will make the purchase and will be of your property. The advantages? You will pay only once and you will forget monthly costs for rent or maintenance. Another advantage of the mobile POS is the mobility it offers, you can receive payments no matter where you are, you just need your phone and a small card reader connected to your smartphone via bluetooth. You will have in your pocket the record of the sales with card that you have realized and diversity of functionalities that does not offer you a datafono.

Meet the SetPay Rates!

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