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Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to integrate SetPay in a web application?

Yes, SetPay app on your mobile device can be launched from a web application. Once opened, the collection process will take place in the secure environment of SetPay.

Note that the application of SetPay must be previously installed on your iOS or Android device and use with an active SetPay account.


What information should sent the integrator?

The minimum data to be provided by the built-in collection for a SetPay application are: amount, currency, concept, type of payment and request ID.
In response to this request, the transaction status is returned.

For a detailed documentation of the process register in the SetPay’s API developer program.


Can I integrate my SetPay in my Windows application?

No. You can currently invoke the API locally from a native app iOS / Android app or from a web browser on.

In case you need this functionality, please contact our development team and we will study your case.


Give SetPay also an SDK to integrate into my application?

No. In the first phase from the launch of SetPay, the card payment process will be performed within the secure environment of SetPay.
To include the collection process within a mobile application, you must meet strict certificationsof PCI Council and adapt the application to the PA-DSS standard.


What are the conditions for integrating the API SetPay?

Register in SetPay’s API developers program.
Have an active account in SetPay.
Have the SetPay’s app installed on the device for which it is to be integrated.
An internet connection.


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Starting with SetPay

What is SetPay?

SetPay is a service that allows freelancers and business accept card payments at any time and anywhere. Just need a smartphone or tablet and the card reader of SetPay


How can I get my credit card reader?

During the process of registering as a client of SetPay. Once we have validated your documentation, you can purchase your credit card reader in our online store.


What is a mobile POS?

POS stands for Point of Sale . This term is often used to refer to the device that is used to manage a retail store retail .

Over time, the term has been adopted for both the hardware and software used for the point of sale , meaning both POS software used to manage the sale , calculate the total amount thereof and accounting such as cash registers or computer sets , box of notes and coins , printer and other peripherals that can be used .

With the advent of “smart” phones , smartphones and tablets. The passage of the mobile POS to mobile POS is becoming usual in both small shops and big supermarkets . Adding also the possibility to use outside of a business or office.

Thanks to the facilities to manage a business that offers SetPay . It can be considered a mobile POS whole forming the SetPay card reader , free management application and mobile client or tablet .


Does the SetPay POS replace my dataphone?

Yes, although the SetPay POS  is much more than a simple dataphone. In addition to the ability to accept card payments, it will include some features such as product catalog, accepting cash payments and sales statistics.


Who is Setpay for?

SetPay is designed for all those companies and self-employed with mobility needs, which play their activity outside of an office and therefore have fewer options to charge for their services: locksmiths, taxi drivers, dispatchers, ….

In addition, due to the model adopted by SetPay, which differs clearly from offered currently by banks and saving banks, small shops will be benefit by offering its customers the possibility to pay with credit card at the lowest cost.


How much does Setpay cost?

SetPay service model is based on a single fee per transaction. This fee consists of 1,99%-0,99% of the amount of the payment.

In this way, the service of SetPay is only paid when used. Without monthly fees or minimum charges… and free when it is not used.

Check out our Pricing plans to know all the details.


How to get SetPay?

Please ask for an invitation in our web page. In the coming weeks, everyone who is registered will receive an email informing about the date we start operations, asking for completing the registration.


Which phones and tablets can use SetPay?

Both the mobile app  and the reader are supported by all those Android devices with a version greater than or equal to 4.0 and bluetooth connection, as well as IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) with versions higher than or equal to 7.0


What kind of phone line do I need?

SetPay operates under any connectivity. The format of the contract with the telephone company does not affect operation.

Side a more streamlined checkout process, we recommend the use of 3G or WiFi connections should dispose of it at the time.


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Security in SetPay

Are the phones/tablets secure?

Yes. SetPay encrypts all the data provided by users. Any sensitive information is stored on customers devices or card readers.

All traffic and communications between the card reader and the SetPay server is encrypted and secure.


What happens if I lose my card reader?

There is no risk, since there is not any sensitive information stored in the reader.


Is there any fraud risk when paying with cards?

The use of cards with chip (EMV standard) and validation of PIN resulted in a fall of 88 percent of the fraud in card payments.

Both SetPay and the issuing companies of cards have insurances that cover big part of these risks.   In any case, we strongly recommend that you request an official document that identifies the client: National Identity Card, driving license, passport,… and to check the owner of the card.

In case of any cancellation by the final customer, you will be notified immediately with all the information of the case.

For more information about your rights and duties, you can refer to our Terms and Conditions.


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Using SetPay

Is SetPay a point of sale?

According to wikipedia, POS stands for point of sale terminal. Refers to the device and technologies that help in the task of managing a commercial retail establishment that can provide specialized computer systems through an accessible interface for sellers.

The POS allows the creation and printing of Ticket Sales by product references, perform various operations throughout the sales process and inventory changes. They also generate various reports that help in managing the business. The POS is composed of a hardware part (physical devices) and other software (operating system and program management).

The mobile app SetPay will manage a small catalog, print purchase tickets and show sales information, so we can say that if it will be a POS.


What is the Rolling Reserve?

Rolling Reserve

The Rolling Reserve is a risk management strategy to protect the merchant and the payment service provider of the possible rollbacks (chargeback). Part of the processed money will be retained to cover this potential risk. The payment service provider calculates the amount of Rolling Reserve based on a percentage of each transaction (typically is between 5% and 15%). The rolling reserve is blocked for a defined period of time until it is sent to the merchant’s account.

How does it work?

The Rolling Reserve works as a reserve to rollbacks. The higher the risk of the business, the longer it will remain blocked the Rolling Reserve. Those related to travel, holiday rental, ticket sales to certain shows and businesses often have higher incidence of rollbacks. In these cases the Rolling Reserve ensures that the merchant has sufficient liquidity to take over the amounts required by the owners of the cards. If you do not have rollbacks, the amount for Rolling Reserve is transferred to the merchant within a maximum period of 180 days. The conditions of the Rolling Reserve are usually reviewed after a few months without incidents.

Do you apply the Rolling Reserve to all types of traders?

Currently only we apply the Rolling Reserve new customers of Virtual POS.


What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback is a mechanism of protection of customers through which a transaction is refunded in dispute, either the cardholder or merchant, depending on the case.

How does it work?
The chargeback process begins when the cardholder informs a complaint to the issuing bank. At the time the complaint is received, the card issuer proceeds to investigate the dispute. If the bank have evidences that the transaction was misleading, the payment will be canceled.

In this process, the trader has the burden of proof, which means that if  he fails to demonstrate that the transaction is legal, the cost of the good or service in question is deducted from his account and transferred to the customer’s account. Besides that, the “chargeback rate” is charged to cover the cost of processing a chargeback. However, if the trader has evidence to prove that the transaction is legitimate, no refund will be made. Despite this, he will still be charged the usual processing fees.

In other words, demonstrating that there has been a breach of contract is the prerequisite for reimbursement through the scheme chargebacks. It is also important to note that while chargebacks not only are usually requested by the client, but also can be requested by the merchant.

Reasons for a chargeback
Each card brand has its own reason codes for chargebacks, but some of the most common reasons include:

  • No time to respond to a request for recovery
  • Proven fraud
  • Finishing services
  • A transaction is not recognized
  • A transaction refused
  • Doubling the transaction (ie, the customer was charged more than once)
  • Technical problems during the transaction process
  • The merchandise was returned
  • The charges were not foreseen
  • The goods have not been received, they are damaged or not as described

Ratio of chargebacks
Traders have to be very careful in dealing with chargebacks as normally banks establish a specific threshold that must not be exceeded. In most cases, it is 1% (or less) of the total sales. The processing of a disproportionate number of chargebacks could have serious consequences for an enterprise. The merchant may be subject to a heavy fine or payment processing account can be closed.


How do I make a payment?

Accept payments with SetPay is as simple as:
-Open the app on your smartphone or tablet.
-Select “Charge”.
-Enter an amount and concept.
-Give the reader to the customer and ask him to enter the card and validate the PIN.
If you need more information, you can visit the section How SetPay works?


How is the card reader linked to my phone?

To explain how to link via bluetooth the SetPay card reader to your mobile or tablet, we have produced a video showing the process step by step:


Which cards can I accept?

SetPay is currently compatible with Visa and MasterCard, which means that we support their entire family of credit, debit, prepaid cards, etc…
Eventually, we will include also other cards such as American Express.


Do I need an Internet connection to use SetPay?

Yes, you can use the current flat rate 3G on your smartphone and / or wireless network in your office or business.


Supports android phones and tablets your mobile POS?

The SetPay mobile apps for point of sale are especially designed for the operating system Android and iOS.


When SetPay enter the money in my account?

SetPay executes all transactions online, which means that, after validating the sufficient balance in the customer account the end and after deducting the commission of SetPay, the amount is transferred to your account once a month.


Can I perform refunds?

Once done correctly a transaction, this may be canceled by pressing the button “Void transaction”.
It can also be returned the amount of a payment to a customer by identifying the transaction in the section “Refunds”.


Can I change the bank account in which I receive payments?

Yes, as often as you want and free of charge.


How do I contact Customer SetPay?

The customer service of SetPay is available on the phone 881 248 818 and the support email address at
You can also visit the “ How it works ” section.


Can i cancel my SetPay account?

Yes, please contact our customer service department and ask for it:


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