How can you accept card payments?

SetPay is a new way of accepting card payments when and where you need to.

Simplify payments using your smartphone or table, and our card reader as point of sale. Easy, safe, and fits in your pocket.

You just have to watch this video of little more than one minute to know everything about our POS.

As simple as

Enter the price

Apart from capturing price information, you can add additional information to help improve you track your sales

Insert the customer's card

Your customers are already comfortable with inserting their cards into ATMs and other payment systems. SetPay gives them a familiar process, which will make them feel at ease when purchasing

Verify the PIN

By using chip and pin technology, you can be sure transactions are safe and secure. And you can even send them a receipt via SMS and email

Paso 1 – Como funciona portada
Paso 2 – Como funciona portada
Paso 3 – How it works home


centro estética


Clinics of esthetic medicine

"When you have a work that needs to be precise and to be very concentrated, one is grateful that someone facilitates the things to you. When I finish a treatment, SetPay and up to the next visit”

tenda roupa

Ela Diz

Fashion and accessories

“In Ela Diz we like spoiling our clients; personalized attention, a coffee or the facility of paying quickly with any card, is something that gives us a differentiation point"


Stella Varela

Hairdressing and esthetics

"More and more, our clients request services to domiciles for special days. In these days our last worry should be to take cash. SetPay allows us to center on the important things of every day"

tienda bicicletas

O'Rey Bicis

Cycling shop

"Due to the cost of certain components, using cards for payments in the shop is habitual. With SetPay, also, we can keep on offering the service when we move to fairs and competitions"